1907, to meet the needs of press photographers, encumbered by their difficult to transport view cameras but still wanting to use a format large enough to allow direct insertion of photos in newspapers without enlargement, Graflex conceived this model that was easier to transport and could be used without a tripod.  Its format is 5x7 inches.  The camera can be shot hand-held but note that it is large and heavy; exterior dimensions, ready to shoot, 35 cm long and 45 cm high, 5.7 kg with lens and 12 shot magazine.

This Graflex’ construction is very robust and reliable.  The mechanism that controls the focal plane shutter’s tension is a watchmaker’s masterpiece, with a large spiral spring worthy of the finest watches.

The focal plane shutter gives speeds from 1/5 of a second to 1/1500 and “time”, selected by choosing spring tension and slit width.

The lensboard is large (a 7”/2.5 Aero-Ektar without lens shade can easily be mounted), which allows the photographer a great choice of lenses.  Bellows extension, though, limits the longest focal length usable to 14 inches (355 mm).  For those who want to use longer lenses, the Portrait Graflex is preferable.

It uses slotted 5x7 film holders (in UK English, dark slides) that are larger than normal holders and a very special “bag magazine” with locking slides below and clips above.

Several changes during production, principally to the rear door that gives access to the ground glass, to the shape of the lensboards, shutter release system, …  The spring back was detachable.

It was last offered in 1923.


Lenses and Price in 1906  
Camera $ 110,00
With B&L Zeiss Tessar Ser IIb f 6.3, #6 $ 169,50
With B&L Zeiss Tessar Ser Ic, f 4.5, # 16 $ 182,00
With B&L Zeiss Protar Ser VIIa, f 6.3 #13 $ 216,50
With B&L Plastigmat, f 6,8 #6 $ 200,00
With Cooke Ser III, f 6,5, #7 $ 201,00
With Cooke Ser IV, f 5,6, #28 $ 216,50

Pres Graflex


Press Graflex
Press Graflex
Press Graflex
Press Graflex

Press Graflex

Herman Schaefer with a Press Graflex.

Please note the front lense door modification for a spoecial lense

(Repository: Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C. 20540 USA)

Press Graflex 5x7

Man and Familly with Press Graflex 5x7 (early type)

First photos after 93 years


Press Graflex Leather Handle

Special thanks to:

Bert Saunders, for the blues print and the leather handlee

David Goldfarb for large hepfull

Dan Fromm for translation

Bruce Thomas


Spring Back
Speed Plane shutter : 1/5 - 1/1500- and T
Film Size- 5x7 inch
Lens board size - 4 x 4 Inch - 4 x 4 Inch
Max focal - 14 Inch


5x7 Inch


Press Graflex Catalogue


CollectiBlend Average Index

Very good
$ 580-600
$ 700-800
$ 1300-1400

Camera sales and other sources with converted and inflation-adjusted prices:

Condition  Price


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Press Graflex





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